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This is going to be the first of its kind of international campaign to highlight the importance of happy and united families in societies. This concerted movement is to discourage the increasing trend of separations and divorces because families are the bedrock of society. When families fall apart, society falls into social and cultural decline.and  specially the impact of a broken home on a child is like a disaster as   children need to have both parents in the home to have a balanced life. Both socially and mentally. but, if mom and dad can not get along and the children are being raised in a constant battleground, socially and mentally this can be more damaging to them. This can lead  to so many issues and other relationship problems. Parents who abuse each other will most likely have children who will become involved in abusive relationships.

Karl Zinsmeister of the American Enterprise Institute has said, “There is a mountain of scientific evidence showing that when families disintegrate, children often end up with intellectual, physical and emotional scars that persist for life.”

“SAY NO TO BROKEN HOMES”is going to be the first  of its kind  of big international campaign.


Angelic Smile


When parents fight on trivial things “The CHILD Suffer”
when parents get separated on trivial things again “The CHILD Suffer”
when parents get divorced on trivial things “The CHILD Suffer again and again”

Children see their parents as a shade, to them their breaking up is like removing that shade children are confused who love them more and whom they should love after the break up. And they also get scared of the idea of marriage , in case such things happen to them in the future. One of the best gift parents can give to their children is love from two parents under  the same roof.
Every research is showing that happy families mean happy societies. So why not come forward to encourage happy and united families and discourage the  chaos  and violence created by broken families in the world.

The purpose of “SAY NO TO BROKEN HOMES” campaign

Spreading the awareness for the need of  strong happy relationship and families.

Grand opportunity for business community and NGOs

This is  an entirely different kind of campaign in which we will initiate the movement from this blog, our purpose is to highlight the problem and diverting the people’s attention towards immediate solution, we will make people  to seriously think now on this issue as in our opinion , disturbed families and relations are the main cause of wars, violence, unhappiness, in short  the root cause of every kind of problems in the world  starts from the homes.
After initiating the movement and once the problem will be highlighted then  its the right of people to be given them solid solutions of a certain problem. Now at this point we will invite people to come forward , if they  want to hold seminars, hold talks, lectures, events, educating people, counseling , any kind of contribution towards solving the problem. Also companies and Ngos can come forward with their ideas and plans and programmes , This will not only give them an unbeatable good will but will also provide an excellent opportunity to market their name and position through out the world as it is an international campaign therefore this is such a unique  opportunity of promotion and at the same time giving the ultimate satisfaction of positively contributing towards society and making lives better in so many ways. Of course a number of people would want to avail this opportunity but keeping  in consideration the merit and other things , any one who want to grab this opportunity  must have to apply with their plans in this regard.

contact us at +92344-4294122


As we aim to make the family  bond stronger and stronger so to highlight and create the fancy and desire of an ideal home and ideal family, a journey  around the world will be made by a happy family of four, including Mama, papa, baby boy ,baby girl .To give this campaign a lively colour , to add fun and sparking the interest of elders and specially children ,this happy home will be represented symbolically  by an exquisite DOLL HOUSE.In this doll house there will be mama doll, papa doll, baby boy doll, baby girl doll.

The pioneer  Host country will the one from where the maximum number of applications will be received and then after every 10 days the happy family will be travelled to a new host i.e. to a new destination. And each and every day and every activity of this happy couple and family will be exclusively covered on this blog.


SELECTION OF DESTINATION :  As each and every move of happy family is going to be covered on this blog so at this blog people from each country has the option to submit a request to host that ideal couple and ideal family along with their programme. The happy family will move to a place where the maximum number of hosts will be waiting for them and after every ten days the host country will be changed.

TEN DAYS STAY:In every country the  happy family will make the stay more and more meaning full and purposeful. All the hosts in a particular country will properly take care of the happy family and will be bound to submit the entire hosting plan to the blog management.For example the number of hosts, their addresses , their programmes. Also they will send the photographs and activity of the happy home to keep the blog members updated each and every moment.

SOME TIPS FOR THE HOSTS: To get the best host country award every country has to give the best.Every host country is hosting collectively as a country not as individuals.So it is strongly recommended that when your country be given the chance to host HAPPY HOME all the hosts in that respective country whether they are companies, NGOs or individuals they must plan in such away to give the 10 day stay more and more meaning.Make solid plans but keeping the interest of people the first priority.

WHAT KIND OF PROGRAMMES:To promote a healthy relationship between husband and wife , you can provide them with tools,guidance awareness to  resolve conflicts in what ever way you feel appropriate. through TV programmes, face to face guidance, speeches. To make this programme more effective this can be done in all the major cities of a country and at all the famous places of a country. Now it is entirely up to the hosts how they entertain their HAPPY HOME guests and how they make their journey memorable by achieving the target (spreading the message of “say no to broken homes”to the maximum number of people) of their visit to any particular country.

Now come forward and be ready for the most memorable journey of your life with this happy family and sing with us through out your life. we want  to send every one on this earth the happiest vibrations through this blog so that this song will be the song of your life as well.


New Home card

Image by thatcanadiangirl via Flickr


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