As i have already mentioned in GET BOTH that host can be the sponsor and sponsor can be the host.There is a slight difference being a host and being a sponsor. Sponsor of course will bear the expense of a segment of the entire project, so it is not necessary that the sponsor also need to actively participate in the entire journey.On the other hand the host has to fully host the “HAPPY HOME” for example lets say  he/she has arranged a  group  tour of any famous place in his/her country, then all the people and “HAPPY HOME (representative dolls ) will be  well taken care of by the host, the host will also send the snaps and other updates of the entire programme.It can be possible that as the host is investing time so by mutual understanding and collaboration  the expenses area will be handled by the sponsor. But its an open and easy choice you can be a sponsor or host or  can be both.Its not some thing related to heavy budgets or investments its just a fun. Have fun and ” SAY NO TO BROKEN HOMES”.

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