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This  cause will be initiated and carried in a different way.This is totally a donation free project.Basically based on sponsorships,but here the sponsors will enjoy a different status and can enjoy an entirely new twist to their business.

They can be the host of ” HAPPY HOME” and can come up with their own ideas and programmes  both beneficial for their business and project Of ” HAPPY HOME”.This opportunity is not only for  big companies or organizations or NGOs but also for individuals  who want to earn profits  while at the same time doing something good for this world they can also benefit from this opportunity  provided they must come up with unique solid programmes for the prominent progress of the cause ” HAPPY HOME”.


Those who want their business to enjoy a wonderful and fascinating journey around the world can come up with their applications along with the pictures of their dolls in the competition. The  dolls( Mama doll, papa doll, baby boy doll. baby girl doll) will  represent a complete ” HAPPY HOME”. We believe in fair competition that’s why we will post all the snaps sent by you at the web blog, people will vote and the final selection of ” HAPPY HOME” will be decided by the online community.

Interested applicants must contact at,This is no doubt a big opportunity to promote your dolls whether you win  or not.Those who want to send their dolls for contest will have to pay a fees of  $10.


For those who want to host the ” HAPPY HOME Family”, please contact with full confidence. Send us the complete details  of  your plans and programmes.As  this is also a big opportunity for you to promote the image of your country and yours as well so  be very very vigilant to use this grand opportunity purposefully, send the details  of the places where you are intending the ” HAPPY HOME Family”  to visit, and when you will be selected as a host  then you will have to send the entire snaps or videos of that event to us for the entire webblog community.The requirements of the host are

1-Full and Complete address with all the references


References are very very important as the ” HAPPY HOME” will be travelled from one country to another to spread the message of ” HAPPY HOME”, so  its very important for us to know whether the host is reliable or not, and can he/she afford the travel and other  expenses of happy home )  moreover the host must be able to fully understand  the theme and purpose of the project,  the definite preferred hosts would be those  who can promote the programme in the best possible ways.

2- Activeness

The host must also be very vigilant to keep in touch with the entire web blog community by sending  fresh pictures and updates regularly and he/she  should keep in touch with other host members of his or her country, so the ” HAPPY HOME ” stay in their country would be in perfect flow as they are responsible for giving the maximum results in the assigned  10 or 15 days only.

Be happy and get ready for a journey full of purpose, enjoyment, happiness, thrill,. excitement , wonders and FUN.

Keep travelling keep changing the world.

3- Host/Sponsor,Sponsor/Host

Hosts can also be the sponsors and similarly sponsors can also be the hosts, It just depends on your inner commitment and enthusiasm towards the cause and how well and prepared you come forward for this project.

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