Episode #3 My Real Story How I Finally Succeeded in Searching Permalinks- Part One

As guys you know these days I am working on  my first long awaited blog, so there are so many  new  unknown things which I am trying to learn, but the most amazing thing while handling website making issues alone, is that  once you learn something not only you get a sense of achievement, but also next time you become an authority on that piece of knowledge. Yesterday I was searching how to make the edit box big then, I came to know about permalinks and permalinks settings, but when I tried  permalink option in my dash board, it was not under the menu”Settings”. So leaving the issue of small editing box aside I jumped to a totally unknown field i.e. “permalinks”. This is a very bad habit of mine, but the good side-effects of this time wasting habit  is that when you try to find the answer of one thing, you automatically learn ten new things on the way, I tried to search my dash board too much and tried to Google much, but in each tutorial and article they were suggesting that  permalinks are in dash board menu or under “settings” untill now I could not be able to locate it, but I will not give up. I have  free blog so it is possible that there is no permalink option in my blog, but still no confirmation. So let me find the right answer for you, while waiting for the answer you can enjoy peanuts because here in  this area of world lovely winters and I have tasty peanuts in front of me, but I am damn busy in  solving the problem because unless and until I get the answer I cannot sit satisfied,  I am also busy in providing you live updates about this whole process, so I am unable to give attention to peanuts at the moment, but really I am enjoying talking to you very much as I feel like I am not alone  you are also with me in this permalink treasure hunt. Give me some break friends  let me go back to my dash board and  let me Google more Info about permalink————————–, hi friends I am  back with some research, not very successful yet, but surely more convinced and determined to find permalink at every cost as I just have read in some article that before establishing a blog it’s important to change permallink setting for SEO purposes rather than  doing  after some time. So today I have to find it. (break)—————–, welcome again, sorry guys, now instead of wasting more time I now finally decided to contact word press support with my question, I wanted to solve it  by myself  as already I have solved so many blog matters, but as you  know time is money and it’s good to ask an expert  whenever there is a possibility. So till then good-bye. See you tomorrow.

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