Episode#1 My Real Story My First Article

Hi, this is my very first article, which I am going to post here, I was overwhelmed with the thoughts of selecting the best topic to write on, but I wasn’t succeeding in selecting a particular topic. In the past I have written some articles in newspapers, and magazines on varied topics like politics, dowry, the matrimonial issues of our society specially related to girls. But those articles were in my local language and moreover not on regular basis. For me writing articles were time-consuming so I never thought of becoming a professional writer. Moreover, I could not write on any topic suggested by others or by intentional thinking— NO WAY, never I can only write what I can feel deeply. I can write with my heart not with brain. I have been using net for more than a decade now, but just for gathering information specially I am deeply interested in motivational stuff and alternative healing and treatments.

I heard so many times that people are earning a lot of money through Internet, but I never thought of earning through net, not because I didn’t like money, but because I wasn’t a technical person plus I can’t sit so long hours in front of net. Now I often think,  if  I had found  a right person to guide me at that time, it might possible that life would have been turned much easier. Actually a true mentor of course is very important in your life. No amount of experience and time can substitute a true mentor. You see, it was for the last two years that I have been searching Internet earning tips on the net too frequently because of my financial issues, but for a newbie its like a storm of information and the unknown person can easily lost in that storm of information. So I could not go for the option of Internet earning, most of the things were hard for me the only thing which was understand able was to write content, write articles or make blog. But this idea never got me into writing or making a blog. Even in critical financial problems I didn’t convince myself for making a blog or writing articles, but now when I have launched a blog for a very big movement and have presented my own case to the entire web community  and  I am writing my first article I am more than convinced that whatever you say or do, your paths are defined and your destiny will automatically do the rest. So I was also destined to move to a higher place. At first  I thought not to mention my blog in the very first post because people will think I am doing any kind of marketing, but then I decided not to disturb the natural flow of this article and decided to be honest.

Now the most interesting part is —– this time it’s not for money as I am using a free blog at word press. There was an internal voice to start a blog and for article writing. But when I was writing I was thinking that it might possible that people won’t like my articles because people only welcome extra ordinary experts moreover I could not even decide any niche for writing. Then, I decided to go for the most honest approach and decided not to worry about professional writing style, topic, whether people like or not, people read or not because those who are destined to benefit from these articles will definitely read and like. And about topics, niche or extra ordinary headlines are not important, the only thing which matters is  whether you are genuine or not. If any word of mine can change someone’s life then, it’s worth reading and writing both. So I will write on any topic which I can guarantee myself, for example I will write on that positive stuff, the mind-set that can transform the entire life, one special secret which everybody should know (but I will tell this secret to only those few people who can do justice with the miraculous value of this precious secret and to only those who really deserve it) and techniques that literally have changed my life and can change yours as well, I will write on everything about making and launching a free blog because I know what problems a newbie can face, I also motivate people to write articles and share their personal secrets and experiences to help others. And I will share all these good things absolutely free of cost and with everyone except that miraculous valuable secret, this secret is also free, but it will be told only to real deserving people. I can’t guarantee how many people will read or like my articles,about professional writing style, error free text, in short I can’t guarantee any thing but I can guarantee that I will only share what I can swear by, not about the things that I don’t know. I can also guarantee that I will give you 100%real and genuine words not the words that are coming from any article writing software or any other external help I know people are doing this and there’s nothing wrong with it because the competition is too tough. But I know if I will talk directly from my heart, then it would be like a “heart to heart talk” and will definitely have a magnetic effect on you. Everything is done by machines these days at least let me give permission to share what I feel and also let me feel you deeply in natural way. I will  share “my real stories” of my day to day happenings and also about the things which have dramatically changed my life and in each episode there would we at least something worth your time. I don’t want to kill the soft, emotional, sympathetic person inside me just for the sake of competition and money. So ending this long article by a funny slogan of mine which I have created  a while before just for the sake of refreshing yourself that “I am here to serve you and if money follows, I will not mind”. You also try to write keeping just one rule in mind that give something valuable to people and keep the rest to GOD. Take Care, see you soon.

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