episode #4 MY REAL STORY How I finally succeeded in searching permalinks- part 2

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Hi again, its Friday evening, I just have opened word press forum, trying to locate my posted question with my heart beat fast  and voila I have got the answer.

Oh very good I am glad to see that it wasn’t my fault if I were unable to locate the permalink option because if you are using word press.com and are  not using your own domain hosting, then you can’t  customize permalinks, this option is only available  if you have a paid hosting service, but absolutely not to worry about because word press blogs are already search engine optimized. Hence, this issue is finally sorted out  so I would especially like to mention  the word press forum volunteers they are not only very helpful, but also very quick in giving answers. Dear friends  you also feel free to start your blog right away without any fear. Oh  before going let me also tell you about the editing box problem because it’s hard to handle small writing area so let me tell you it’s very easy and I found it by chance, so note it down that in your dash board on the upper right hand side you will see an option “screen options” click it and set “screen layout” according to your choice. Bye see you in my next story  i.e. most probably “Post by email” option, No Doubt amazing new learning of mine which I am going to share with you as well, but wait.

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