Episode #2 My Real Story HOW I Discovered THE Limitations of Free Word Press Blog

When you want to start a free blog at word press first you need to sign up with the help of step by step instructions. Just by following the instructions you can easily sign up for  a word press blog. Be very careful while selecting the user name and the blog name and also provide an authentic permanent email. You may also need to use the email and user name at many other places while blogging  so a consistent user name and email would be much easier for you to remember and maintain. OK once you complete the registration process at word press you will get the confirmation email, open it up and click on the link of your admin panel, put the user name and password and wow the dash board is here. Happy— , OK now you must be very excited about acquiring the  exquisite web design for your new blog but  please control your over excitement because don’t forget that you are using a free blog service and this over excitement and lack of knowledge can be very frustrating and time wasting as well.
How I know this, very simple when I started making my web blog at word press.com,I searched hundreds and hundreds of themes from different sites, down loaded them on my computer. You are intelligent enough to guess about the amount of time I had spent on this activity of searching  alone. But it was not the end then after saving these themes  in my computer it was my strongest desire to see all those themes on my blog. So to fulfill my dream I started searching browse theme option in my dash board.I wanted to install a theme from my computer but I was unable to do so and then, after so much time wasting and frustration I finally got the answer. And the answer is, if you haven’t  a paid hosting at word press you cannot upload any theme from your computer and from any other site you have to choose the themes provided by word press.com. Its true that you can’t choose your own theme but still there is a variety of more than hundreds of themes to select from. Moreover the theme activation process is so easy that you can try all these themes in about one hour. So friends install the theme from theme gallery and then after activating the theme, start customizing the theme according to your theme options. Sharing the next steps with you soon. Till then take care. Bye.

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