The Experience of Life

Image by premasagar via Flickr

This is a web blog in which we will talk about  a campaign “SAY NO TO BROKEN HOMES”. The basic idea is to  talk on a serious issue of increasing number of divorces and the dangerous impact of these separations and divorces on the children but the way the entire  issue will be highlighted is totally different and interesting. Representative dolls while travelling from country to country will serve the purpose. I need people actively participate and enjoy the entire amazing and interesting journey with these kind dolls.

More over  i also intend to  share my real  experiences with people so that people can  benefit from it because they say
“Words cannot teach, knowing comes from life experience”
I was reading somewhere the excellent golden words which i also want to share

“I think the greatest gift someone can give someone else is the wisdom hard grained from life’s experience. Think about it — if you could go back in time , would you do things differently. Almost every one would. See some one who shares the wisdom of experience with you is like a voice from the future gently guiding you around those not so obvious mistakes”

So i also  have decided  to share some secrets of life,valuable  stuff and experiences from time to time. I hope a very warm welcome from you in return that’s it.

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