Yes You Can Decide Against Me But

Found Pink Heart

Image by Amarand Agasi via Flickr

For so many things in life I am grateful to GOD, but particularly for one thing I always remain thankful to GOD that whenever I feel bad about life or people He always show me the light and again put me on track. I want to uplift those who are  going through more or like the same situation that I had faced. If at one place or in one city, or in one country, one or more people do wrong with you, it doesn’t mean that the entire region or place is corrupt, if in my case I only consider corrupt, extremely non committed people, or people who discourage girls to work or progress then what’s the fault of millions of other extremely good natured people and what’s the fault of people  who need our help. So the intelligent approach should be that frauds are  in each country or the girls in the entire world are facing discrimination to some extent, but whether the girls have stopped shinning or  the humanity has died just because of fraudulent minds. Of course not  the world is still existing just because of good people. We are no longer a country now we are a global village. We have to kill all prejudice and if we want to compete with one another why not compete for good things, for example  which is more courteous nation, more educated, more generous, more people friendly or more cultured nation. Rising beyond the trap of countries we must work together for anything good in life. If we are claiming that our project can help people, don’t get depressed  by circumstances, yes I can understand that in such circumstances feeling down is very natural, but just think what’s the fault of those people who can get benefit by your enthusiastic working. If you are finding no ways  or support in your area or country  then, don’t lose heart, now make a collective platform for the fast forwarding of every good cause, project, ideas, business hence for everything which can make  beauty in more and more lives. I have raised myself from all restrictions and boundaries and for the very first time I am here on an international level. I am determined to work on spreading the awareness for the immediate need of happy families for world peace and happiness. It’s not just an issue of broken marriages it’s the issue of our children and in short it’s literally the issue of the  future of the world because it’s not just husband wife it’s about the entire home and about every relation in life, people are getting far and far day by day, we are becoming addicts of sadness, misunderstandings without any reason and I am a strong advocate that the tension in the world we are seeing now is  nothing but just the reflection  of  our homes. I really want to spread the message of happy homes around the world in an entirely different passion and way and I am dreaming  that this time you are fueling and firing up my spirits by your love and condition-less support.

I don’t know  how people will react to my truth and what they will decide about my case. I am not  here for  any arguments I am not good in making arguments I just know only that for  first time I have  decided to be determined  until success, have  learned so much from past experiences, have changed myself a lot, but one thing is still there “I AM STILL JUST HEART and I know this beautiful world is also full of throbbing hearts. So without your  harsh judgments and negative trials CAN I ASK for YOUR  HANDS? The history of hands is amazing whenever they join together for a collective goal they make miracles.

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