A Case Of Dare To The World Wide Web

I am posting a case of dare on net for the entire web community, I think this is for the first time that someone has presented her case like this in an open court of World Wide Web. I don’t know  whether you people decide me wrong or right? Make fun of me or respect my attempt, leave me alone or fully support me through success, criticize  me and my writing style or bear with my mistakes? I am ready for anything, but  not to step back.

I Feel Shame  At First But  Then, I Shame How I Feel

I  dare to initiate a unique, mega, and  worldwide project online, but on a free word press blog, shame on me hana? But please  before  taking any decision please take some time to read this. As I told you in my previous posts that how I decided to work for “BROKEN HOMES” issue, collected myself up because I was facing a real financial crisis, as I had lost all my money due to evil minded people so naturally  this time I didn’t have the resources  and time  to approach and wait for TV channels or organizations or for any individuals that whether they come forward to help me or not. I didn’t have money to buy even the urgent things for my use then how could I give any classified ads for sponsorships  or making so many calls for taking appointments from concerned people, visiting them by spending money on rickshaws, bus fares and then  after doing all such no results again. So this time I thought I would start my project with a nice website, but how could I arrange domain hosting, I again  borrowed money from my sister though I didn’t  want  to bother her because she already helped me a lot, but any way for launching this project  on a big scale I bought unlimited hosting. I am not a technical person but I know a little  about making word press websites.  At one point I needed some external help for some coding and php so I gave the password to two people for doing work. They also advised me to earn through blog, I became very happy as I didn’t know much about it so the idea was cool to work whole heartedly for a cause and earn indirectly for a decent living. What  rubbish they did with the entire hosting plan? How did I react in that troublesome situation? Leave that topic for some other day. But I will pray I should not feel the need to discuss any pinching memory again in my life as now the past non stop continuous chain of unbelievable selfish people deeds have made me  change myself entirely  and to move fast forward. I want to move from deep heartache to perfect healing.

Now instead of dealing all bad stuff  with anguish, anger,  crying and abusing I will only concentrate on what I want to achieve instead of what I don’t  want to. It’s a truth what you focus on that grows.

So coming back to the story I was telling you  that now the hosting that  I had bought  was gone in the hands of those guys? My GOD what to do now? I deeply wanted to work on “BROKEN HOMES” issue, but I had no channel, no money? So what to do? That time my inner chatter was  —-it’s better to stop everything the world is rubbish and let it go to hell—–oh no that was a voice from a broken girl. I refused to listen it and I said to myself  “girl you are going to change the world and you can’t change your own way of  reacting to situations.”
I am sharing this with you as this is something worth sharing because it can revert back so many people from suicides, distresses, depressions and  negative traumas.
So I started thinking of other alternative ways, Don’t delay, just go for a free blog—–, A thought flashes — oh I  will die, but never go for free blog? What a shame?  People will think that how can she handle a big project if she can’t even arrange a nice expensive website. I thought that I had decided to  launch my project through web because I wanted the support of people for this cause and  now  when they would see free ordinary blog instead of nice expensive website how can they join hands with me? So I slept with those worries. The next morning I wake up with an entirely new kind of inspiration and wow I decided to go with the flow of life and  then I implemented  for the first time in life what I had learned from the positive thinking stuff. So I decided to work on the cause without any delay with a free blog. The blog is free, but my hopes are very expensive this time.

I am here with my case, with my blog and with my cause. You have to decide whether my decision of launching a free blog was right or wrong. I know Google won’t pay me, but can you pay me by giving  just a right verdict to me. I want to present my case throughout the world  but I don’t know how? Now I really want  whether I win or lose, but I should be either on this side or on that side because I  choose not to hang in between now. That’s enough for today if you can delay your decision and can spare  some  time for more insights on this case then wait until tomorrow.

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