Is It A Crush Or A Serious Affair

The Crush

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I always get sensitized like so many other sensitive people, when ever I witness any thing sad , any cruelty any injustice any thing.Although in the past  I  TRIED TO DO WHAT EVER I COULD  BUT I  NEVER GOT SUCCEEDED  IN DOING ANY THING BIGGER THAN LIFE. Even though I have lost so much money in such attempts but I am  still an optimistic and I don’t know about the rest of the world but its an irony that in our country If you don’t have so much power and tons of money you are not OK to do any thing good for this society, the system discourages you at each and every step, you will be criticized in a way that instead of making your entire work doubtful you then prefer to step back. So many people want to do so much good for the country but instead of encouragement there are so many seen and unseen factors that ultimately you will end up with your project or cause like a “past broken relationship” and ultimately  you find yourself giving explanations to people to save yourself from people’s sarcastic remarks that oh I wasn’t serious with this project  that was just a crush.

Recently two incidents in our neighborhood compelled me to work on a cause  with out a delay.Same old routine story of couples separation and divorce but what’s so serious.I am very sad the children shattered badly in these divorces.I adore children , I could not even see any tears in their eyes, I am amazed when two people decide to get divorced why they never think of their children. Its such a pity. No one is thinking the seriousness of matter. Its high time to bring this matter into the awareness of the world. As I have collected myself up to work on this cause with out a second thought and how I take action for the  first time out of my habitual comfort  zone. ( read this in “A case of dare “) , knowing all this you will  yourself  come to know  that  this time its not a crush its a real love affair( My seriousness towards this issue).

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