From Hurt To Healing

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Hi Friends

I will introduce myself in detail but after achieving my goal because this time I am not operating from a feeling of lack that’s why this time “I AM, I WILL”. I have faced such hard situations, challenges and constant struggles in life that if I start telling all this then it would end up with so many book editions, and if I share even the ten percent of those misfortunes then you will be shocked and will definitely think of how I am still thinking to continue my work? Specially any cause related activity.I am one of so many other girls in this world but I am one of those blessed people who never believe in giving up.Though its good to discuss odd circumstances so that people can learn from other people’s experience but I don’t want to go in details of negative things because I know from my new learning that talking and thinking negative is not good for your vibrations. And I am very fortunate that now I know the power of positive and definitely I will discuss that in detail so that you people also can benefit from all that positive thinking stuff.I will guide you to raise your vibrations and other beneficial discoveries in some other category. Now come to the point as I don’t want to lower your vibrations so I choose to not talk about my past life no matter how many hardships I have faced but just to give you an idea I just want to say that I always wanted to do something for my country and for humanity.In this endeavor besides too many other hurdles I have to bear so many frequent frauds made by people.I always meet with people with an open heart and with honesty that’s why I trust people.Until recently it had been very hard for me to relate with the toxic people and specially fraudulent ,different people but same nature and same frauds with new techniques.Many a times I thought of leaving my country.So many times I cried bitterly why me? why people are so selfish that they don’t even hesitate to rob the one who already they know is in trouble.Many times people forced me to feel guilty on why I trusted others? I cursed my self badly for trusting others. I cursed myself a lot that why I act from heart? why I thought that other could not do fraud and any thing bad with me? why I didn’t think with my brain? why I didn’t suspect every one? I thought in utter distress that I didn’t have mind. By the way I still suspect that I have heart fitted in my skull instead of mind, because I am heart . So after those frequent occurings I declared myself wrong.But then luckily the doors of new knowledge opened to me and I came to know that NO I wasn’t wrong, being innocent is not a sin rather a virtue but one must learn from every experience and I learn that what ever happen in my life I must take the full responsibility of that.Talking about my past i would only say that I had wasted so much of my time and all the money and I was left with zero money.So I was completely got stuck in problems. I always wanted to work on so many great projects, my dream was to bring a significant positive change in the world. Some of my projects were related to media because I always believed that we must use media to bring awareness in masses and to make people life easier and better and untill now I strongly believe that media can bring about a real revolution in the world. I shared my idea a couple of times with some TV channels. They all praised every idea of mine a lot and impressed with my intellect a lot but just to steal the idea completely and when they tried to execute it they could not bring the desired results. Why? They televised it for money and profits but from where they would bring that sincere burning desire?

Being a human, many times I disappointed that why I had lost all my money ? I never had faced even the slightest monetary problem before those frauds, I was habitual of buying what ever I liked but why I was facing so much money crisis that was just because I had chosen difficult paths for me and just because I trusted people.

I could have earned so much if I thought of easy conventional paths but now I am convinced that your paths have been decided by GOD that’s why me the girl who was not even familiar with the word lack of money, how have I faced a big monetary crisis with such a dignity and bravery and I never gave up because something inside me always keep on pinching to do something , Several times I intentionally tried but I could not kill the fire inside me and my deep sensitive side intensified the more I tried to give it the sleeping pills.

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