A Case Of Dare To The World Wide Web

I am posting a case of dare on net for the entire web community, I think this is for the first time that someone has presented her case like this in an open court of World Wide Web. I don’t know  whether you people decide me wrong or right? Make fun of me or respect my attempt, leave me alone or fully support me through success, criticize  me and my writing style or bear with my mistakes? I am ready for anything, but  not to step back.

I Feel Shame  At First But  Then, I Shame How I Feel Continue reading

Yes You Can Decide Against Me But

Found Pink Heart

Image by Amarand Agasi via Flickr

For so many things in life I am grateful to GOD, but particularly for one thing I always remain thankful to GOD that whenever I feel bad about life or people He always show me the light and again put me on track. I want to uplift those who are  going through more or like the same situation that I had faced. If at one place or in one city, or Continue reading


Is It A Crush Or A Serious Affair

I always get sensitized like so many other sensitive people, when ever I witness any thing sad , any cruelty any injustice any thing.Although in the past  I  TRIED TO DO WHAT EVER I COULD  BUT I  NEVER GOT SUCCEEDED  … Continue reading


From Hurt To Healing

Hi Friends I will introduce myself in detail but after achieving my goal because this time I am not operating from a feeling of lack that’s why this time “I AM, I WILL”. I have faced such hard situations, challenges … Continue reading